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174 nationally recognized physicians practice with Kaiser Permanente Hawaii.
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Quality doctors

The Hawaii Permanente Medical Group (HPMG) is the largest and most experienced multi-specialty medical group in the State of Hawaii, comprised of over 500 uniquely qualified physicians and providers leading care delivery for Hawaii members. HPMG has a rigorous and highly effective recruitment process. When a physician joins HPMG, they undergo an extensive and ongoing peer and patient satisfaction review process to ensure you receive the highest quality of care and service.

HPMG is dedicated to providing world-class clinical care, with the highest number of board certified physicians in a group practice in the State of Hawaii. Our doctors build lifetime relationships with their peers, patients and the diverse communities that the Hawaii Region serves. Making a difference by making lives better is at the heart of HPMG.

A patient/doctor relationship

Your doctor should be someone you trust - someone you can count on to take good care of you and your family. But the patient/doctor relationship goes beyond that. Your doctor is your total health partner, working closely with you to ensure your health needs are met, even when you are well. That's why at Kaiser Permanente, you can choose your own doctor, and you are free to change doctors whenever you want. And best of all, you decide when and how you want to communicate - in person, on the phone, or via e-mail.

Doctors passionate about prevention

Dr. Jennifer Carney, chief of the division of hematology and oncology for Kaiser Permanente Hawaii, knows there are countless reasons why women may put off getting a mammogram, but she also knows that regular screening, early detection, and intervention can literally save lives.

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